Temples, Temples, Everywhere

One of the things that I noticed almost immediately when we got to Japan was that even amongst the sprawling cityscape, there were little traces of efforts to preserve Japan’s traditional culture.  Sasha and I were amazed to discover a little temple outside of our hotel room!



When we were en route to Kyoto, it was really amazing to see things like this in more residential areas.  Traditional Japanese houses were mixed in with tall apartment buildings.  We saw a few more temples and shrines on our trip, including the famous Kinkaku-Ji, “The Temple of the Golden Pavillion”, and the oldest temple in Tokyo, Senso-Ji.

It might be because it was around the beginning of the New Year, and it might have also been because of its status as a tourist destination, but Senso-Ji was PACKED.  Regardless of what direction we were walking in, we felt like we were salmon swimming upstream.  We saw a few women wearing their traditional kimono, and many people were rushing to wash their hands in the purification fountain near the shrine itself.



Japan is moving forward at a rapid pace, there’s no denying that.  Technological developments such as faster shinkansens and robots that can perform different tasks are coming from Japan on a regular schedule.  However, I was impressed to see the efforts that have been taken to preserve temples and promote the preservation of the nation’s culture.

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