Spark that ignites a new passion for Japan?

I have to be completely honest, before this trip I had no real interest in visiting Japan or Asia at all for that matter.  At Bucknell I study Biology and Spanish.  The majority of my cultural and traveling experiences have revolved around Spanish speaking countries and my proficiency with the language.  If you had given me the choice before this trip to travel anywhere in the world I would have picked ten other countries before I picked Japan.  I’ve never had any negative feelings towards Japan or Asia but also never had any really strong desires to visit.  If it were not for the gracious funding from the Japan Foundation I might not have ever realized that I really loved Japanese culture and language.  After visiting Japan I have already decided that next year I want to take Japanese 101 and 102.  I also have hopes of returning to Japan.  The people there were so nice and genuine.  I loved being there and could not see my future without visiting again at least once.



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